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7 Ways to Save Your Smart Phone Battery Life: How to Extend the Duration of Your Battery

by UPSCALED June 20, 2022 2 POPULAR READ

What Causes a Phone's Battery to Drain Quickly?

There are many reasons for why a phone's battery might drain quickly. The first cause is the type of apps you use. Apps like Facebook and Instagram can be very battery-intensive, so they should be avoided if your phone's battery life is important to you. Other apps that can affect battery life include live streaming, video chat, and even games with a lot of graphics.
The second cause of a phone's battery draining quickly is the screen brightness. Turning down your screen brightness will help save your phone's battery power significantly. The third cause is the background app refresh setting on your device. Turning this off will stop apps from running in the background when they're not being used which can help save your battery life too!
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5 Tips to Save Your Phone Battery Life

1. Turn down your screen brightness.
2. Turn off location services.
3. Reduce the frequency of push notifications.
4. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use.
5. Reduce the time your phone is plugged in.

7 More Tips To Extend Your Smartphone's Battery Life

One of the most common complaints about smartphones is that they don't last long on a single charge. However, you can extend your phone's battery life by following these tips.

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 1.Turn off the features that you don't need: If you don't need your location, then turn it off. If you don't need notifications, then turn them off. This will help reduce the load on your phone and prolong its battery life.

2. Reduce brightness to lowest level: Keeping the brightness at a lower level will conserve power and help extend battery life by a significant margin.
3. Close apps that are not in use: You should close apps when they are not in use because they keep running in the background and suck up power from your device's battery.
4. Turn on airplane mode: Turning on airplane mode will stop all radio signals from reaching your phone in order to help conserve power.
5. Turn off Bluetooth: Turning off Bluetooth will save you power by using only the cellular data connection and not the Bluetooth portion of your phone.
6. Close background apps: You can close background apps that are running when you're not using them, in order to reduce battery usage and extend battery life .
7. Turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data when you're not using them: If you're mostly using your phone for media, then turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data when you're not using them. This will reduce the amount of battery used by those features.
Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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