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Drive with Confidence: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Dashcam

by UPSCALED April 18, 2023 4 POPULAR READ

Are you looking for a way to feel more secure on the road? Investing in a dashcam can give you the peace of mind you need while driving. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about choosing the best dashcam for your needs.


A dashcam, or dashboard camera, is a small video camera that is mounted on the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle. It records everything that happens while you're driving, including accidents, collisions, and even theft. Dashcams have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a way for drivers to protect themselves and their vehicles on the road.


Why Do You Need a Dashcam?

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in a dashcam. Here are just a few:

Protection: A dashcam can provide evidence in case of an accident or collision, helping you to prove fault and protect yourself from false claims.

Security: A dashcam can deter theft and vandalism, as criminals are less likely to target a vehicle that has a visible camera.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a record of everything that happens while you're driving can give you a sense of security and peace of mind.


What Are the Different Types of Dashcams?

There are several different types of dashcams available, each with its own features and benefits. Here are the most common types:

Single Lens Dashcams

Single lens dashcams are the most basic type of dashcam. They typically have one camera lens and record what is happening in front of the vehicle. They are a good choice for most drivers who want basic protection and recording capabilities.

Single Lens Dashcams

Dual Lens Dashcams

Dual lens dashcams have two cameras, one facing the front of the vehicle and one facing the back. They provide additional protection and recording capabilities, as they can capture what is happening behind the vehicle as well as in front of it.

Dual Lens Dashcams

Rear View Dashcams

Rear view dashcams are designed to provide a clear view of what is happening behind the vehicle. They are especially useful for drivers who do a lot of parallel parking or have difficulty backing up.

Rear View Dashcams

360-Degree Dashcams

360-degree dashcams have multiple cameras that provide a complete view of the vehicle and its surroundings. They are a good choice for drivers who want the most comprehensive recording capabilities.

360-Degree Dashcams

Key Features to Look for in a Dashcam

When choosing a dashcam, there are several key features to look for:

Video Quality

The video quality of the dashcam is an important consideration. Look for a dashcam that records in at least 1080p resolution for the clearest picture.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of the dashcam determines how much of the road ahead is captured in the recording. A wider angle will capture more of the road, but may distort the image.

Night Vision

If you frequently drive at night, look for a dashcam with night vision capabilities. This will ensure that the video is clear even in low light conditions.


A dashcam with GPS capabilities can provide additional information, such as the speed of the vehicle and its location.


A G-sensor detects sudden movements or impacts and automatically saves the footage before and after the event. This can be useful in case of an accident or collision.

Parking Mode

Some dashcams have a parking mode that will start recording automatically if the vehicle is hit while parked. This can be a useful feature for those who park in public areas.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Dashcams with Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to easily transfer footage to your phone or computer.

Screen Size

The size of the dashcam's screen can vary. Consider whether a larger screen is important to you for easy viewing.


How to Install a Dashcam

Installing a dashcam can be relatively simple. Here are a few ways to do it:


Hardwiring the dashcam allows it to be powered by the vehicle's battery and can be a more permanent solution. This will require some basic knowledge of wiring.

Cigarette Lighter Power Source

Many dashcams come with a power cord that can be plugged into the vehicle's cigarette lighter. This is a simple and easy installation method.

Rear View Mirror Installation

Some dashcams can be installed directly onto the rearview mirror, providing a sleek and inconspicuous installation.

Maintenance and Care of Your Dashcam

Taking care of your dashcam can ensure that it continues to function properly. Here are a few tips for maintenance and care:


Clean the lens and screen of the dashcam regularly to ensure clear footage. Use a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning solution.


Store the dashcam in a cool and dry place to prevent damage from extreme temperatures.

Firmware Updates

Check for firmware updates regularly to ensure that your dashcam is running smoothly and up to date.

Legal Considerations

Before installing a dashcam, be aware of any legal considerations in your area. Some states or countries have restrictions on where and how dashcams can be used.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do all dashcams have a parking mode?

  • No, not all dashcams have a parking mode. Be sure to check the specifications before purchasing.

2. Can I use my dashcam as evidence in court?

  • Yes, dashcam footage can be used as evidence in court.

3. Can I install a dashcam myself?

  • Yes, installing a dashcam can be done by yourself. However, if you are not comfortable with wiring or installing electrical components, it may be best to have it professionally installed.

4. Can I use a dashcam while driving in other countries?

  • Be sure to check the laws and regulations of the country you are driving in before using a dashcam.

5. Do I need a dashcam if I have insurance?

  • While insurance can protect you financially, a dashcam can provide additional evidence and protection in case of an accident or collision.
Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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