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How to Get Started with GoPro Hero 8 and Create Your Own Film

by UPSCALED November 09, 2022 6 POPULAR READ



The GoPro Hero 8 is the latest in a series of small, rugged cameras with built-in software to make editing and sharing your footage much easier. Developing such software is what makes these cameras stand out from the rest of the action cam market. The compact devices are perfect for capturing fast-paced action, especially when combined with drones or other mounts that extend the camera’s field of view and reach. If you’re new to using a GoPro, you probably have many questions about how they work and how to get started. Thankfully, it’s not as complicated or as expensive as it seems at first glance. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about GoPros and their accessories – from buying advice to best practices for shooting video and editing photos. If you’re ready to take your storytelling up a notch, read on.

Things To Know Before Buying A GoPro

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of which GoPro to buy and how to use it, let’s start with a quick list of things to be aware of. The GoPros are great little cameras, but they aren’t perfect for all situations. To get the most out of your new camera, you’ll want to keep the following in mind: - The GoPro’s small size and rugged design make it an ideal choice for adventurous types, but there are a few trade-offs to consider. They aren’t great in low light situations or extreme weather, and they aren’t designed for long-term use (don’t leave one running for hours on end). In addition, the GoPros aren’t the best option for very young children. - The built-in software, while very helpful, isn’t foolproof. You’ll get the best results with a little planning ahead of time. - Finally, where do you plan to edit your footage? If you’ll be working on your computer, a Mac will be required. If you’ll be editing on a tablet or smartphone, a phone-compatible model will be required.


Buying Guide: Which GoPro Should You Get?

That all may seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the perfect GoPro for your needs. With all of that in mind, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of choosing a GoPro. There are a few factors to keep in mind when deciding which model is right for you: - Which size works best for your needs? The newest models come in three sizes: Hero 8 (standard), Hero 8 Session (small and lightweight), and Hero 8 Silver (compact and waterproof). The Hero 8 Silver is the most versatile model, while the Hero 8 Session is best for extreme sports like skiing, skateboarding, and base jumping. Pick the Hero 8 if you want something in between the two. - What kind of accessories do you want to use? Some models include extra features, like WiFi capability, a touchscreen, and digital image stabilization. Like the size, these are tradeoffs you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding which model is best for you. You can always add accessories later on, but it might be cheaper to go with a model that has the features you need right out of the box.


Accessories For Your GoPro

Once you have a GoPro that matches your needs, it’s time to think about accessories. From mounts to cases, lighting kits to underwater gear, there are hundreds of accessories to help you get the perfect shot. Here are a few of the most useful accessories for GoPro users. - Extra batteries - The most important accessory you can buy comes in the box with your GoPro. You can get a lot of use out of your camera, but only if you have a charged battery nearby. Pick up a couple of extra batteries and keep them charged and nearby whenever you’re using your GoPro. - A remote control - While your camera will come with a built-in WiFi feature that allows you to control your camera from your phone, a remote control is far more convenient. You can sit back and frame your shot hands-free and get a better shot as a result. - Additional memory cards - Be sure to pick up a couple of extra memory cards. Even if they are the same size as the one that comes in the box with your camera, it’s always better to have an extra. - A waterproof case - If you plan to take your GoPro underwater, you’ll need a waterproof case. These cases are designed to protect your camera from the water and can be used in fresh water as well as saltwater.


The Basic Overview of GoPro

GoPro wasn’t always the international company they are today. In fact, they started as a bit of an experiment between two friends. Nick Woodman, the founder and CEO of GoPro, was a junior at Stanford and had recently broken up with his girlfriend. He turned to his friend, inventor Dr. Brad Rabie, for help. Rabie had invented a camera stabilizer that was designed for video production. Woodman suggested adapting the stabilizer for consumer use and the rest is history. The two raised $235,000 in investment and founded GoPro in 2002. By 2004, the company had turned a profit and Woodman was ready to take his company global. In 2005, he decided to attend the Asian Dive Show in Hong Kong. He wanted to see if there was an international market for his brand. The show was a disaster. No one was interested in Woodman’s products. Luckily, a man named Andy Griffith saw the show and was fascinated. He told Woodman “your company is going to exist. It’s just going to exist in a different way.” And so it did. Griffith was a senior executive at the Japanese company Initial. He saw potential in Woodman’s products and proposed a partnership. The two formed a partnership, and GoPro was sold in Japan. That initial success lead to further expansion and within a year GoPro had distributors in 26 countries.


How to Shoot Video with A GoPro Hero 8

Now that you’ve chosen a GoPro and have the accessories you need, it’s time to turn that camera on and start shooting. There are many ways to shoot video with a GoPro, and there are even more ways to edit it after the fact. But before you start filming, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind: - Get creative with your shots. - You can mount your GoPro just about anywhere, which means you can get creative with your shots. Try mounting it to a car or a skateboard. Use a selfie stick with a GoPro mount. Get as low as you can so your camera is in the thick of the action. You’ll be amazed at the crazy shots you can get with a GoPro. - Shoot lots of footage. - Most GoPro users would recommend shooting at least twice as much footage as you think you need. It’s much easier to edit out the bad parts than it is to try to find the perfect shot in your footage. - Choose your frame rate. - The frame rate is the number of images your camera will capture per second. Shooting in high frame rates like 120fps or 240fps can get you some really cool slow-motion shots. - Keep your audio clean. - One of the most important things to remember when shooting with a GoPro is to keep your audio clean. You can do this by using an external microphone or by mounting the camera on a stabilizing tripod.


How to Shoot Photos with a GoPro Hero 8

The process of shooting photos with a GoPro is similar to the process of shooting video. The key differences are that you don’t need to worry about audio, and you’ll want to be sure you’re using a high-speed memory card. Here are a few tips for shooting great photos with your GoPro: - Be mindful of your shutter speed. - Just like with video, shutter speed is important for getting clear photos. You’ll want to be sure you’re shooting at a shutter speed of at least 1/60th of a second to avoid blurry photos. - Use a tripod. - Again, just like with video, you’ll want to use a tripod for the best photos. You can mount your GoPro on the tripod just like you would a normal camera, and it will give you much better photos. - Turn on long exposure mode. - Again, you want

Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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