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How To Program a Sony DVD Remote to Your TV: The Ultimate Guide

by UPSCALED April 13, 2022 2 POPULAR READ

What is a Sony DVD Remote And Which One Do I Need?

Sony DVD Remote is a remote that can be used to control your Sony TV, DVD player, and Blu-ray player. It is a universal remote that is compatible with most TV brands.

If you have a Sony TV and want to use the same remote for both your TV and DVD or Blu-ray player, then you will need the Sony RMT-D217. If you want to use your existing universal remote for your TV with the Sony RMT-D217, then you will need the RM-UD006 adapter.

Step 1 – Get the TV Code from the Remote and Input It in the TV Menu

The TV code list is a list of TV codes for various brands.

Check the remote control for the brand of the TV you have and input it in the TV menu to find out what the TV code is.


Step 2 – Reconnect the Remote with the TV by Holding Down a Button For a Minute

One of the most common frustrations with a remote is when it loses connection with the TV. This can happen if you move your TV or change its orientation, or if you have a new type of TV that doesn't use infrared signals to communicate.

The first thing to do is to hold down the button on the remote for 1 minute. This will help reset the remote and restart it. If this doesn't work, then try these steps:

-Hold down both buttons on your remote for 30 seconds

-Unplug your TV and plug it back in

-Reset your cable box

-Unplug all devices and plug them back in


Step 3-Find your brand on our List of Compatible TVs and Enter its Code Into Your TV's Menu System

In order to find your brand on our list of compatible TVs, you will need to enter the TV's code into your TV's menu system. Below is a list of codes for common brands:


TV Code(Sony)

11100, 10000, 10011, 10080,

10111, 10273, 10353, 10505,

10810, 10834, 11317, 11685,

11904, 11925, 10010,10000

TV Code(Samsung)






TV Code(Philips)





Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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