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The Best All-in-One Liquid Coolers: The Lineup of NZXT Kraken

November 15, 2022 6 POPULAR READ


It's not a new invention, but the all-in-one liquid cooler is still one of the most reliable ways to keep your computer running at peak performance. Composed of a radiator unit attached to a water pump and reservoir, these coolers use heat pipes to circulate cold water through the system. Since they're designed to fit in small spaces and don't require extra fans or fan mounts, they're perfect for any type of PC build where space is limited—even ultra-compact mini-ITX rigs!

NZXT Kraken X72

The NZXT Kraken X72 is a 280 x 120 x 27mm, 280mm radiator liquid cooler that uses two 140mm fans. It has a maximum cooling capacity of 1150W and comes with an integrated RGB lighting system with four different modes: Static, Breathing, Fading, and Ripple. The fan speed is 2000RPM (±10%), making this one of the loudest AIOs we've seen. The pump speed can be controlled through software: CAM Software allows you to configure its PWM curve as well as control custom RGB lighting on your case fans and other components in your build (it supports up to 15 devices).

The NZXT Aer P140 fans are rated for 2000RPM (±10%) at 16 dBA or less depending on how fast you set them up; they come with braided cables for extra durability and connectivity options include 3-pin or 4-pin connector types in black or white colors depending on which model you get from Amazon.