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The Complete Guide to How to Replace a Vacuum Belt

by UPSCALED April 11, 2022 3 POPULAR READ

What is Vacuum Belt?

In most upright vacuums, the vacuum belt is an essential component. The brusher bars are rotated by the belt, which beat and agitate dirt out of carpeting so that the vacuum can pick it up. If you own a vacuum cleaner, it's a good idea to keep a spare belt on hand because the belt is one of the elements that has to be replaced on a regular basis to keep it functioning smoothly and effectively. Belts are available at a variety of hardware stores as well as directly from the manufacturer.

How to Safely Remove and Install the Belt from Your Vacuum Cleaner

Because each vacuum style and model is unique, the steps for replacing the belt may vary slightly from one to the next. Regardless of these changes, all vacuum belt replacements have the same characteristics.

The directions in this page are generic enough to assist do-it-yourself vacuum owners with belt change repairs regardless of vacuum type or model.

1.Remove the bottom plate of the cleaner.

The vacuum belt and brush roll can be accessed. Vacuum belts are used to spin a vacuum's brush roller and/or turn the vacuum's wheels on some self-propelled types.

2. Remove the Brushroller and the Old Belt

Brushroller and Old Belt should be removed. Examine how the old belt and brush roll are positioned in the vacuum and how they connect to one another before removing them. The belt on our Hoover WindTunnel (seen below) is a flat vacuum belt with elastic tension that holds it between the motor shaft and the brush roller. To begin, remove the brushroll from the vacuum and slide it off the belt loop. Then, remove the vacuum belt's opposite end from the motor shaft.

3. Install the New Vacuum Belt on the Motor Shaft and Brush Roller

If your vacuum model uses a round or flat vacuum belt, the belt is tensioned and kept between the motor shaft and the brushroller. It's possible that the replacement belt is too tiny for the vacuum. This is most likely normal and anticipated behavior. Just in case, double-check that you have the correct part for your vacuum, but keep in mind that both round and flat vacuum belts stretch a lot over time. V-belts and geared belts stretch as well, but not nearly as much. Because of all the stretching caused by vacuum use, the old belt you're replacing will most likely appear considerably larger when held up to the new belt. To begin, slide the new vacuum belt around the machine.

4. Install the Brush Roller With the Belt Correctly Positioned on It

Before closing the vacuum housing, return the brushroll and belt to their original places, regardless of vacuum style. A little force is required to pull the brushroll into position with that unstretched fresh belt on it in vacuums that use round and flat belts. The side of the brushroll opposite the belt on our demonstration vacuum has a notch that fits into the vacuum. After you've installed that side of the brush, give the belt side of the roller a firm yank to snap it into place (watch your fingers). It's actually a lot easier to accomplish this when standing over the vacuum with it on the ground. A well-placed foot might serve as the ideal counterbalance.

5. Reassemble the Vacuum

To reach the brushroll area, replace the vacuum's bottom plate and/or any other housing pieces that were removed. For the WindTunnel, this just entails replacing the four Phillips screws and bottom plate that were previously removed. This task has now been completed. Your new vacuum agitator belt may last months to years before needing to be replaced, depending on the vacuum belt type.

Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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