The Ultimate GoPro Hero 9 Review & Buyer's Guide

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Introduction: What is the GoPro Hero 9?

When it comes to action cameras, there's one name that stands out above the rest: GoPro. The company has been making some of the best action cams on the market for years, and the latest model is the GoPro Hero 9.

So, what is the GoPro Hero 9? It's a high-end action camera that offers features and specs that are unmatched by any other camera in its class. It's got a 5K sensor, 20MP photos, up to 8x slow motion recording, and much more. In short, it's a powerhouse of a camera that can do just about anything you need it to do.

If you're looking for an action camera that can do it all, then the GoPro Hero 9 is definitely worth checking out.


What are the Best Features of the Hero 9?

The best features of the GoPro Hero 9 are its new sensor and lens, which deliver better image quality and video stability; its front-facing color display, which makes it easier to frame yourself in a shot; and its increased battery life, which allows you to capture more video on a single charge. Additionally, the Hero 9's modular design makes it easy to attach accessories and extend its functionality.

How Much is the Hero 9 and Where to Buy it?

The GoPro Hero 9 is the company's newest action camera, and it's available now for purchase. It retails for $450, and you can find it at most major retailers or through GoPro's website. If you're looking for the best deal on a Hero 9, we recommend checking out Amazon, where it's currently being offered for $399.

The Good and The Bad of The Hero 9

The Good:

  • The GoPro Hero 9 is an improvement in many ways over the predecessor.
  • The camera is now 20% more durable and has 2x better audio than the Hero 8.
  • Image stabilization has been greatly improved, now offering up to 6x stabilization compared to the 3x of the Hero 8.
  • GoPro has also increased the sensor size by 1mm, giving it better light sensitivity and low-light performance.
  • The new Max Lens Mod gives the GoPro Hero 9 a much wider field of view than before.

The Bad:

  • There are no real bad points to the GoPro Hero 9, except that it is not a significant enough upgrade from the Hero 8 to justify the cost for many people.


When it comes to deciding whether or not to buy the GoPro Hero 9 or wait for the next one, there are a few things to consider. The first is how much you're willing to spend. The Hero 9 is currently the most expensive GoPro on the market, so if you're not comfortable spending that much, it might be worth waiting for a price drop. Secondly, think about how important having the latest and greatest technology is to you. If you're someone who needs to have the newest gadgets as soon as they come out, then waiting for the next GoPro might be the best option. However, if you're more interested in saving money and don't mind sacrificing a few features, then buying the Hero 9 now is probably your best bet.

Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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