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What does Refurbished Products Mean?

by UPSCALED January 09, 2023 4 POPULAR READ

Refurbished products can often offer great deals, but caution is advised. If you're unsure what a refurbished item is and want to know if it's worth the risk, here's what you need to know to make sure you get a great deal.

What is Refurbished?


Shopping for refurbished items can be difficult because different stores may have different interpretations of what the term 'refurbished' means. Generally, this refers to products that have been inspected and repaired in some way, but the amount of work done can vary.

An item described as "refurbished" has been checked over and fixed.


The following are the terms commonly used to describe refurbished products:

  • Refurbished products are those which have been restored to a condition like new. These products vary in quality, with factory-refurbished or manufacturer-refurbished items typically being of the highest quality but also costlier. Refurbs done by third parties may have simply gone through a quick inspection before being sold.

  • Certified Products have been tested to make sure they are working properly, although they may not have been repaired. The standards for what counts as "properly working" can vary depending on the product.

  • Pre-owned Products are previously owned and may have been repaired before being resold. As long as they have been properly refurbished, it is not necessarily a negative thing.

Refurbished iPhones from Apple are a great option when looking to buy an iPhone. All refurbished iPhones have a new battery and outer shell, come in a brand-new box with all accessories and cables, and include the same 1-year warranty as buying a new iPhone. You won't be able to tell the difference between buying new or refurbished!

If you're searching for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you may want to consider their "certified pre-owned" models. These phones have been completely reconditioned and any damaged parts replaced. They won't come with a new battery or outer shell, but they are usually in good condition and include a charger and other accessories. Plus, all refurbished models have a 1-year warranty from Samsung.

It's important to be more cautious when purchasing refurbished products, as not all retailers provide details about what repairs have been done. Make sure you know what you're buying before you make the purchase.

Find Out Who Refurbished the Product

It is important to find out who refurbished an item before buying it since the condition of refurbished products can vary. To ensure good quality, it is best to buy directly from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty with refurbished products, showing that they stand behind their product and guarantee it will work properly.

Check for Warranty


A refurbished device usually offers a 1-year warranty, which is the same as what you'd get with a brand-new product. However, if the refurbished item was done by a third party, then it typically has only around 90 days of warranty protection. Be sure to check if your credit card covers used or refurbished items since many don't offer extended warranties for them.

Purchase from a Trusted Store.

When buying a refurbished product, it is best to buy from reputable retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and Walmart. Be sure to research the store and reviews for their products to ensure that they are reliable. Additionally, make sure the retailer has a return policy in place should an item arrive defective; this could range from seven days up to 30 days. Avoid buying from stores that offer items on an 'as is' basis or without a return policy as you may be unable to get a refund if something goes wrong.

Refurbished are not Brand new

Refurbished items can still offer good value, but they cannot be sold as brand new. This is because they may have been display models, returned after the return window, had damaged packaging or be defective. Refurbs are fixed and checked to ensure their quality is up to standard, so they should work well. Buying refurbished can save you money compared to buying brand new - however, if the item hasn't been out very long it won't be the latest version. For example, older smartphones become available when a newer model hits the market.

When shopping for appliances, you don't need to worry about getting a brand new model as long as it is working properly. However, with electronics such as smartphones and laptops, you have to be certain you are getting an up-to-date device that can perform well. Buying something that is a couple of years old is usually fine but if the battery has degraded then this should be taken into consideration. Refurbishers often replace batteries, however only Apple guarantees they are brand new. It's also helpful to compare refurbished models with new ones so you can decide which is better for your needs. In some cases, buying refurbished may give you access to older models not available in stores and can even save money compared to buying them new!

Where I can buy Refurbished Electronics and Appliances?

It is recommended to begin your search for refurbished products with the manufacturers themselves. Some options to consider includes:

Apple, whose refurbished products come with a 1-year warranty and may have new batteries and outer shells.

  • Samsung, whose refurbished phones come with a 1-year warranty.

  • Dell, whose refurbished products often have a 100-day limited warranty.

  • Lenovo, whose refurbished products typically come with a 1-year warranty.

If you want to explore more options or find lower prices, you may want to consider purchasing refurbished products from third-party retailers. However, it is important to note that these retailers may not provide as much information about the refurbishment process or the condition of the product, and warranty coverage may vary. It is essential to carefully read the product description and ensure that the product matches its description when it is received.

  • Amazon Renewed, which sells a variety of products with a minimum 90-day warranty.

  • Best Buy, which has a range of electronics available.

  • Newegg, which offers a wide selection of electronics.

  • Walmart, which sells refurbished models of various electronics.

Keep in mind that these are not complete lists of all the manufacturers and retailers that offer refurbished products. Many other companies also have refurbished options available, so it is worth searching for the product you are interested in. It is possible to find good deals by purchasing refurbished products, but it is important to be cautious and do your research.

Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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