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TCL - Breeva A2ACC1 breeva A2 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, True HEPA H13 and Activated Carbon Filter, Remove 99.97% Dust Pollen Pet Dander, Lasts for 90 Days or 3 Months Equivalent to 2,160 Hours, 1 Pack - White

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  • Breeva A2F, which is available for breeva A2, was specifically created for the TCL breeva A2 air purifier to ensure the highest possible purifying performance. Breeva A2F effectively removes airborne microorganisms and solid impurities since it is outfitted with a 3-in-1 Multifunctional Purifying Filter that combines a pre-filter, True HEPA H13 Filter, and an Activated Carbon Filter.

    Three-in-one multifunctional filter: Ultra-fine nylon preliminary filter captures big particles including dust, hair, pet fur, and lint, extending filter life. At least 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 mm, including microorganisms, are captured by true HEPA H13 filters. The high-density distribution of high-efficiency activated carbon particles absorbs a range of hazardous gases, including fume, cigarette smoke, pet odor, etc.

    CONVENIENT FILTER REPLACEMENT - If the Replace Filter Indicator begins to flicker, you should promptly replace the filter in case it reduces the effectiveness of purification. Remove the used filter by turning the base in the opposite direction. Once the new filter is filled, press and hold the light button for three seconds while holding it to reset the filter. NOTE: Before replacing the filter, unplug the air purifier.

    360° ALL-ROUNDED AIR CIRCULATION - Breeva A2F air purifier filter's cylindrical form aids in capturing pollutants from all directions as opposed to its flattened shape. Breeva A2 then blasts up fresh air from the top of the body, causing thorough indoor air circulation after filtering and purifying.

    A brand-new filter has a service life of 2160 hours at maximum fan speed. Depending on the circumstances, it typically lasts longer than three months. To prolong the filter's useful life, it is entirely sealed. REMOVE THE NEW FILTER'S PLASTIC PACKAGING PRIOR TO USE, PLEASE.