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Our Story


Upscaled's pragmatic approach considers both the aesthetic and functional grades to aid with the cumbersome task of assigning and issuance of the 'final' Upscaled Certified Grade. Our In-house Upscaled guarantee, The Brooklyn Coverage, is underwritten by our team and ensures 100% coverage against manufacturer defects & "everyday" defects (less normal wear & tear, sorry..). If your reconditioned device or appliance still isn't fixing itself and fell short of kissing your satisfaction (don't take it personally), our team is diligently awaiting to assist with amicably-focused solutions atop the list.

Our vision is simple in theory, yet subject to entropy in actualization. We're Not after some fairy tale or modified organism; In fact, we’re pursuing greener pastures. Ideally, environmentally sustainable ones. If we emphasize reduction in our electronics consumption worldwide by just under 50% YoY, we could save over 50 million tonnes of E-Waste from polluting our waterways, local parks & municipalities. We're advocating for refurbished electronics & we invite you to join the fast-growing community of others who feel passionately about change. Together, through Refurbished electronics & upcycling innovations, we can achieve milestones that align us for a better tomorrow.

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurship is my passion, love and life. Upscaled was started during my darkest hours and day by day our tribe rises like the phoenix. Upwards and Onwards.


Connor P. O'Dea

Co-Founder & COO


Connor P. Stalions

Director of Ops.

Deshunare M. Warren

Head of Operations

Manuel Ponce Jr.

Product Listing Specialist

Adrienne Fayenne