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Anker - A8663011 Powerline III Flow USB-C to Lightning Cable 6-ft - Black

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  • Super Durable, Unexpectedly Flexible PowerLine III Flow USB-C to Lightning Cable. You won't want to go back to standard cables after feeling how gentle this silica gel one is. Copper wires, graphene, and silica gel form a three-layer structure that allows for more pliability without sacrificing durability. As a result, the cable has a tensile strength of 220 lbs (100 kg) and can withstand 25,000 bends. Sufficient to support the weight of a dangling iPad or iPhone. Store the cable in its coiled state using the provided silica gel strap, which can be placed in a drawer, a bag, a pocket, or anyplace else. Please take note that a carry-on bag is not included. Figure out a style that complements both you and your iPhone. There are five new colors available for PowerLine III Flow: coral pink, lavender grey, mint green, cloud white, and midnight black. Guaranteed to charge your iPhone, iPad, or other Lightning device as quickly as possible thanks to compatibility with Power Delivery fast charging. Power Delivery high-speed charger not included.