ZAGG - InvisibleShield Glass+ Defense Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch OLED

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Product Description:

Our screens are the windows to our digital world, and we want a seamless, vivid experience as we swipe and game on our Nintendo Switch OLED. Nothing delivers that experience quite like the ultra-smooth surface of glass. So, we created Glass+ Defense, which is 95% stronger than the average screen protector, to be able to withstand the rigors of our day-to-day lives and the unexpected.


Shatter protection

Glass+ Defense is made from aluminosilicate glass and is 95% stronger than the average screen protector!

Scratch prevention

A precision surface finishing process provides maximum scratch resistance.

Smudge resistant

A long-lasting, oil-resistant finish prevents fingerprints from accumulating and helps keep your screen looking pristine.

Buy Here, Replace Here

If you buy this screen protector at a Best Buy store or on, you can replace it under ZAGG's limited lifetime warranty at any Best Buy location.

Smooth, silky feel

The premium composition of this smooth tempered glass has remarkable touch sensitivity and 100% clarity.

Strength & style

The reinforced edges of Glass+ Defense help prevent chipping, and their beveled shape seems to disappear into the screen of your Nintendo Switch OLED.

EZ Apply Installation

EZ Apply tabs and a drop-in installation tray make applying Glass+ Defense simple and accurate.