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Dell - EF001316 Mobile Adapter Speakerphone MH3021P - USB 3.1-type C -1x HDMI- 2x USB 3.1 -type A - Gray


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  • The MH3021P Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone. The world's first USB-C adapter with an integrated speakerphone provides a connectivity and conference solution in a single device. This world's first multi-port adapter with integrated speakerphone will keep you busy at home or in the office (speaker and microphone). Its various ports provide a range of networking options, and its built-in loudspeaker makes conferencing incredibly convenient. Now you can simultaneously charge your laptop, connect it to a display, keyboard, and mouse, and participate in a conference call. Because of its small size, you can easily store it in your suitcase and transport it everywhere. You can simultaneously connect to a display, transfer data, and power your computer while on a call. Plug and Play - no driver installation required With the built-in speakerphone that prepares you for daily conversations and check-ins, your conferencing experience will be effortless. The Dell speaker hub MH3021P is a tiny speakerphone with an integrated microphone and mobile adaptor.