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Square Enix


Square Enix - 92481 Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Collector’s Edition) – PlayStation 4

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  • We fought the virus in Harran more over two decades ago, and we ultimately lost. As a result, we've just lost again. One of the remaining major human settlements, the City, is in turmoil. The decline of civilization has ushered in the Middle Ages. We continue to hold out hope, nevertheless. You, a traveller, hold the key to The City's future. However, you can expect to pay a premium for your extraordinary skills. You decide to investigate the source of these disturbing flashbacks and find yourself in the middle of a war zone. Hone your abilities, for you will need both fists and minds to vanquish your foes and win over their allies. Investigate the shadowy motivations of those in positions of authority, pick a side, and control your own fate. But no matter how far your choices take you, always remember to keep your humanity.