Liquipel - Liquid Glass Screen Protector for all phones - Transparent

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  • The award-winning Nano coating screen protection from Liquipels is the thinnest screen protector on the market and may be one of the few items with anti-microbial qualities. With a 9H sapphire hardness, this product delivers up to 20x the scratch resistance of a glass screen that hasn't had liquid glass poured to it. When used, the device leaves a surface free of germs, and installation couldn't be simpler. In the event that your smartphone screen becomes scratched or cracks while being protected by the Liquid Glass product, Liquipel will provide a 12-month product warranty up to $150. This shows how confident we are in Liquid Glass Screen Protection's ability to prevent screen breakage. Because our screen protector is concealed from view, it enables clear and responsive use for optimal phone functionality.