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Nintendo Leg Strap - Nintendo Switch

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  • Leg Strap is an accessory for the Nintendo Switch Sports game that encourages movement. The Leg Strap accessory and Joy-Con (L) controller work together to translate your leg movements, such as kicking the ball in Soccer, into in-game actions. Simply plug the Joy-Con (L) controller into the slot and strap it to your leg to play Soccer Shoot-Out! This peripheral will be utilized by other Soccer games via a future, free software update for Nintendo Switch Sports. Check for updates when they become available. Leg Strap is compatible with Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure, and may be purchased separately if you have the digital edition of Nintendo Switch Sports or want a second Leg Strap for your same-system Soccer sessions*. Multiplayer mode may necessitate the purchase of additional accessories. Sold individually.** Leg Strap is a mandatory device for several Soccer games.