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Capcom- 56077 Resident Evil Village - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition


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  • Resident Evil Village is a terrifying survival horror experience unlike any other. Display the most lifelike and horrific visuals available to increase the stakes of each life-or-death struggle. This brand new game is the eighth main entry in the long-running Resident Evil series, which pioneered the survival horror subgenre nearly 25 years ago. Capcom's proprietary RE Engine, used in games like Resident EvilTM 7 biohazard, Resident EvilTM 2, Resident EvilTM 3, and Devil May CryTM 5, is being put to good use in the creation of this project. The game's hyper-realistic visuals, gripping first-person action, and expert narration made the game's terrifying events feel all the more real and unavoidable than they otherwise would have. The new tale begins a few years after the horrific events of Resident Evil 7, biohazard, with protagonist Ethan Winters and his wife Mia settling into a quiet new life away from the horrors of their past. They start a new life together, and then tragedy strikes again. Reconnecting with Resident Evil's iconic hero, Chris Redfield, causes a terrible upheaval in Ethan's life. After being thrust into a fresh nightmare, a distraught Ethan finds himself in a snow-covered village looking for answers.