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Scosche - MPQ5DV-XTSP MAGICMOUNT Pro Charge 4 Dash / Vent for Most Cell Phones - Black

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  • The Scosche MPQ4DV-XTSP MagicMount Pro Charge4 Dash/Vent 2-in-1 Mounting Kit with a Qi-Certified Wireless Charger is a powerful magnetic mounting system for mounting your Smartphone to the dash or vent in your vehicle with ease. Vent and dashboard mounting options are included in a single package. Simply attach the appropriate base to the MagicMount head and you can wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled device with up to 10-Watts of power without needing to plug a charging cable directly into the device. Foreign object detection ensures that charging only occurs when nothing is blocking the charging area (such as metal objects). Our Qi wireless mount is ideal for use with Qi-enabled Smartphones and the iPhone 12 or later with a MagSafe (without the need for a MagicPlate) to securely mount and wirelessly charge the phone. The cradle-free design eliminates the need to tighten around your device for non-MagSafe devices; simply hover your device near the magnetic surface to instantly lock it in place. The 30% more powerful N50 neodymium magnets than the original MagicMounts hold your mobile phone securely in place even on the roughest roads, while remaining 100 percent safe for all modern Smartphones. The detachable vent clips make it simple to transfer the mount holder between vehicles. The vent clips are compatible with both small and large louvers. Use the automotive-grade base for a quick and simple installation on the front or upper dash of your vehicle. Rotate the car phone dash/vent mounts 360 degrees to effortlessly switch the orientation of a Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or iPhone between portrait and landscape. Compatible with iPhone 8 to 11, iPhone 12 or later with MagSafe, Android, and the vast majority of Qi-compatible devices. Use the 2 cable management clips to attach your cables and keep them safely out of the way, thereby helping to maintain order. Apple's MagSafe cable is not included.