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Nintendo - HACPAEA2A Yoshi's Crafted World - Nintendo Switch

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  • Plunge into a brand-new Yoshi adventure set in a world crafted entirely out of commonplace items like cardboard and paper cups. As Yoshi, you'll go on a treasure quest to uncover all the hidden items, as well as leap into the air to swallow down foes. On the opposite side, stages can be performed in reverse, opening up new areas and revealing previously concealed treasures. Everything began when Kamek and Baby Bowser attempted to steal a precious stone from its setting. It is said that whoever carries this legendary item would have their every wish come true. When the gems that make up the relic are knocked loose, however, Yoshi and his pals must go on a treasure hunt to recover them. Fortunately, there is room for teamwork and difficulty in rescuing the day. To play with a friend as another Yoshi, simply pass one of your Joy-ConTM controllers to them. For added convenience, Mellow mode can grant Yoshi the ability to fly. To find all the flowers, cash, and Poochy Pups is no easy task! Wear one of the in-game handmade outfits for some added defense.