myCharge - MagLock 9000mAh Internal Battery Wireless Portable Charger - Graphite

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  • Power your iPhone 12 or later with ease. This small, magnetic, wireless power bank can charge your devices from anywhere, and its 9000mAh internal battery won't drain your phone's battery. With the strongest magnet on the market, MAG-LOCK technology aligns and locks to your phone, supporting up to 2.5 times the weight of an iPhone Pro Max (when used with MagSafe compatible cases). The strong shell coating shields the rubber from scratches, fading, and stains, while the integrated rubber prevents twisting and slippage. For your comfort when charging in your hand or pocket, the innovative design dissipates 90% more heat than standard, flush-mounted magnetic chargers. It's easy to charge wirelessly with the MAG-LOCK since it begins charging as soon as it's attached.