Insignia™ - 100' Landline Phone Cord - White

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Product Description:

Don’t stress if your landline phone jack is in an inconvenient position. The Insignia NS-TPLC1002 100' Landline Phone Cord has an incredible 100 ft. length so that you can position your devices wherever they’re most needed. This cable connects a landline phone to a wall telephone jack, letting you make calls from a home phone. You can also connect your DSL modem to a telephone jack for internet access (not for cable modems or computer connections). Two corrosion-resistant, gold-plated RJ11 connectors promote efficient data transfer, and the durable construction delivers dependable use for years. Stay connected with this Insignia phone cord.


Landline phones

Give your whole household a telephone line by connecting a landline phone.

DSL modems

Get internet access by connecting the cable from a DSL modem to your landline phone jack. (Note: This cable does not connect to a computer’s Ethernet port.)

Fax machines

Easily connect a fax machine to your wall telephone jack.

RJ11 connectors

High quality

Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion and promote efficient signal transfer.