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Nintendo- HACRRMAAA Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit -Mario Set - Nintendo Switch Mario Set Edition

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  • To drive a genuine Mario Kart in a virtual world, all you need is a Nintendo Switch and a real one. Go for a spin in a real-life Mario Kart around your own house! Take use of the Nintendo Switch system's responsive controls as you boost and drift your way to success. Your home simulator puts you behind the wheel with a first-person perspective. Convert your living room into a custom Mario Kart track. You may set up gates and design your own courses in the real world, and then watch them come to life in the game with elements like snowy landscapes, tropical forests, and Piranha Plants. You can utilize common household items to create unique tracks with increased difficulty, and then watch as your home is transformed into a Mario Kart track. Move quickly with up to three companions through the interior Inviting a few pals to a bout of Custom Race or Grand Prix is always fun. * Each participant needs their own Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, and either the Mario Set or Luigi Set. The wonder of augmented reality is not limited to simply making your course and opponents appear to come to life on your screen. Gained an advantage in the game? In this real-life version of Mario Kart, you can see the speed increase. Have you been hit by a Green Shell? You better watch out, since your kart is about to lose speed. With Smart Steering, you won't have to worry about going too far off the road (or out of your living room). Grand Prix mode has a variety of races; the environment's wind can sway your kart, and the game's Piranha Plant gate will bite if you go through it the incorrect way. More options for speed, outfits, and stages become available as you play. All of these can be utilized as building blocks for your own unique curriculum. You can even spot Rainbow Road! According to USA Today, this is "...an enjoyable, creative pastime." Polygon calls it "completely enchanted." In the words of The Verge, it's "...a racing game that's really unlike anything else out there." According to GameSpot, this is "...an exciting, entertaining new way to experience Mario Kart." As GameXplain puts it, "Mario Kart Live [Home Circuit] is a ton of fun." No individualized textbooks or study guides supplied. Multiplayer support calls for additional hardware, software, and karts. We offer both systems and karts independently. To play, you'll need to download the game, which you can do for free from the Nintendo eShop.