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Nintendo - HACRAS8SA Nintendo Switch Sports - Nintendo Switch (OLED Model), Nintendo Switch

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  • Play sports games that will get the entire family moving as you swing, kick, spike, and bowl your way to success. Play sports like soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and chambara (swordplay) with Joy-Con controllers! You can immediately start playing on the court (or lane, field, or arena) thanks to the controls' intuitiveness. With precise movements, you can curve your bowling ball, give spin to your tennis serve, or even kick the ball in a Soccer Shoot-Out game using a Joy-Con and the optional Leg Strap accessory. Both online** and on the same system*, family and friends can participate in the fun. Additionally, this fall a free upgrade with Golf as the seventh sport is anticipated to be introduced. *** To earn in-game rewards or to try for the Pro League, play online against opponents nearby and far away. Take on opponents from around the world and try to make it to the Pro League in every sport. Use your earned points to buy in-game gifts for your avatar, such as clothing, sports equipment, and other items, while you engage in random matchmaking while playing online. Check back to see what's available each week as the selection of things will change. Play with relatives and friends locally or globally. With friends, compete in all six sports and bowl, spike, and duel! Give a Joy-Con controller to a friend* to get everyone going with some 1v1, 2v2, or a free-for-all play. There is no waiting for your turn when bowling; everyone can bowl at once. Play every sport online**, or compete against rivals nearby and across the world in team sports like tennis and volleyball. Leg Strap accessory for soccer is included with the physical copy of the Nintendo Switch Sports game. You can also pay less for the digital version and get the Leg Strap attachment separately. Recapturing the Wii Sports party game magic, according to IGN As described by Shacknews as "a whole new generation of fun," by Bleacher Report as "among the greatest party games available for Switch," by Polygon as "a blast with other people," by GameInformer as "a step above its predecessors," and by GameSpot as "a fantastic multiplayer game." For the multiplayer mode, extra accessories could be needed. Separately available. **Any Nintendo Switch Online subscription (sold separately) and a Nintendo Account are necessary for online functionality. Some nations do not offer this. For online features, you must have access to the internet. Please read the terms at nintendo.com/switch-online. Update your software now! Remember to pay attention to your surroundings. If you want enough space to move around while playing the game, wear wrist straps.