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Nintendo- TBD Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Pokémon Shining Pearl Double Pack - Nintendo Switch

  • As you travel to challenge for the title of Pokémon League Champion, you'll have plenty of opportunities to capture, train, and battle your Pokémon. We're glad you've made it to the Sinnoh area. Nature-rich Sinnoh is home to the legendary Mount Coronet, and the region has been the subject of numerous legends throughout Pokémon lore. You'll start your path to become the Pokémon League Champion by selecting a partner Pokémon from Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. You can meet the mystery group Team Galactic and the Legendary Pokémon Dialga or Palkia on your journey. Dig deep into the Grand Underground to meet new people and unearth uncommon Pokémon! Make use of the Explorer Kit you obtain on your journey so that you can explore the Grand Underground. Discover Pokémon Fossils and other riches, such as statues for your underground base, here. There are also areas known as Pokémon Hideaways where you can go to catch Pokémon that prefer a more isolated or natural setting. Take on the Grand Underground with friends locally* or remotely** on your Nintendo Switch console. Compete in Pokémon Super Contests and put on a show with your Pokémon. Popular events in the Sinnoh area are the Super Contest Shows, which feature four performers and their partner Pokémon dancing and showcasing their performing skills. Feed your Pokémon Poffins and teach them some stunning moves so they'll be ready for their big performance. Capsule Decoration allows you to personalize the effects that play when your Pokémon is released from its Poké BallTM for battles or Super Contest Shows by placing Stickers in specific locations. Pick an adjective like "awesome," "cute," or "smart," and then tap to the music to put on a performance! When exploring the Sinnoh region with the Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version, players will have the chance to experience a wide variety of exciting events and discoveries. There have been no changes made to the tale or the overall size of the cities and highways in the Sinnoh area. As an added bonus, these remakes have been given a new lease on life by include player-friendly features and intense close-quarters Pokémon battles similar to those found in recent Pokémon games. Pick a Pokémon companion you made on your travels to follow you around as you play. You and your Pokémon pals are welcome to take a stroll in Amity Square. Varied Pokémon have different walking styles and gestures, and they all respond to your commands. In addition, your own unique flair can be incorporated. You can mix and match shirts and pants and other pieces of clothing to create your own unique look. Some of them give you a new ‘do, while others are themed after Pokémon. In your quest to become the Pokémon League Champion, you must solve the mystery surrounding Team Galactic. Cyrus, their leader, is a captivating individual who always maintains a level head and behaves rationally. He has a strong disdain for the human intellect and all of its accompanying emotions. Explore Team Galactic's plans and eliminate their leader. The Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version both have plenty to offer players, whether they are returning fans or discovering the series for the first time. *Extra software/equipment needed. *Available separately, not included. Communication, trading, and fighting are all part of the multiplayer experience, but they all necessitate a software upgrade that isn't now available. Access to online features requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and a Nintendo Account. We regret that this product is currently unavailable in your country. Online functions are only available with an active internet connection. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions listed at nintendo.com/switch-online.