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Speck - 141760-5085 Presidio Perfect-Clear with MagSafe Hard Shell Case for iPhone 13 - Clear

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  • PRESIDIO PERFECT-CLEAR Speck The clearest protective case we've ever made is one that works with MagSafe. With our new, innovative materials, we were able to make a case that stays clear longer, protects better, and lasts longer. This case is made with strong magnets that work with all Apple MagSafe accessories. It's slim, too. This case is not only stylish, but it is also tough thanks to our clear impact technology. Our clear phone-cushioning rubber is made of a special material that compresses on impact to protect your phone and keep it from getting damaged, even if you drop it from 13 feet. Tested to see how well it can handle real-life situations, such as extreme drops and chemicals. Also, our magnets are tested separately to make sure they last, work well, and are fully compatible with MagSafe, even if you drop your device. It also has an antimicrobial treatment from Microban that kills 99% of the bacteria that cause stains and smells on the case, making it cleaner. It also has our raised bezel, as if that wasn't enough. This extra edge helps keep your screen from getting scratched or broken if your phone falls and lands on its face. Model 141760-5085