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Speck - 144228-D143 Presidio2 Grip Case for Samsung GS22 Ultra - Black

  • The Speck Presidio2 Grip case is very protective and fits easily in your pocket. It has a soft-touch finish for maximum comfort and new no-slip grips that give you more confidence when texting, talking on the phone, or taking photos. This case is not only stylish, but it is also tough thanks to the Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology. We put air capsules around the outside of each case. When you drop your phone, they compress and hold it up in the air, just like an airbag. These cases have been tested to protect phones from drops of up to 13 feet in the real world, so you can be sure that your phone will be safe. For easy use, you can feel a precise fit that's made just for your device, and the ultra-responsive buttons make it easier to click and change the volume. This case is strong and thin, and it makes wireless Qi charging easy for a smooth charge. It also has an antimicrobial treatment from Microban that kills 99% of the bacteria that cause stains and smells on the case, making it cleaner. It also has our raised bezel, as if that wasn't enough. This extra edge helps keep your screen from getting scratched or broken if your phone falls and lands on its face. Model 144228-D143