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The Evil Within 2 - PlayStation 4

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  • With its distinctive fusion of psychological thrills and genuine survival horror, The Evil Within 2 from creator Shinji Mikami and the gifted team at Tango Gameworks elevates the acclaimed franchise to a new level. At your lowest, you are Detective Sebastian Castellanos. But if you get the chance to save your daughter, you'll have to explore a nightmare-filled world and learn the sinister history of a formerly lovely town in order to bring her back. The world is warping and twisting around you, and horrifying perils are appearing around every corner. Will you use weapons and traps to confront difficulty head-on or use cover to survive? STORY: Lily, the detective Sebastian Castellanos' daughter, is also lost. He must team up with Mobius to save her. He is compelled to work with Mobius, the mysterious group that destroyed Sebastian's prior existence, in order to save her. Sebastian is forced to enter the unsettling Union realm, one of their horrific creations. Horrific dangers lurk around every turn, and his only chance of survival is to use his wits. The sole option for his final shot at redemption is to go inside.