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5 Minute Guide to Fixing a Leaky Faucet


Learn How to Fix Your Faucet in 5 Minutes with This Step-by-Step Guide

Faucets are one of the most common household appliances that many of us use on a daily basis. But sometimes, they can cause some serious problems and it can be difficult to fix them without professional help. When you notice your faucet is leaking, don’t panic. This handy guide will help you fix the problem in 5 minutes or less.

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The Easy Way to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Step 1: Turn off the water supply to your house and call a plumber if necessary.

Step 2: Remove the aerator from the end of the faucet stem, then remove the aerator screw from its base on the sink countertop.

Step 3: Remove all remaining packing from both ends of the spout by pulling them out and rotating them until they come loose.

Step 4: Remove any remaining packing from inside of the spout by inserting a screwdriver into each end and turning it clockwise until it comes loose.

Step 5: Remove the spout from the sink countertop by loosening the two mounting screws on either side of it.

Step 6: Remove any remaining packing from inside of the spout by inserting a screwdriver into each end and turning it clockwise until it comes loose.

Step 7: Snap a new gasket onto the stem of the faucet spout by sliding it down onto the spout threads a few turns at a time until it clicks into place.

Step 8: Install the new faucet spout onto the sink countertop with its mounting screws.

Step 9: Attach any remaining packing back into its original position at each end of the spout by rotating them clockwise until they click into place.

fixing leaky faucet

If the Leak Keeps Coming Back - What You Should Do Next

If your leak keeps coming back, it is likely that you are not doing something right. Here are some tips on how to fix the problem:

1. Check for clogs. If there is a clog, it may be due to a buildup of hair or other debris in the pipes. Make sure that you clean them out before continuing.

2. If the cause of the leak is still unclear, consult with a plumber/contractor or a professional plumber/contractor. They can help you figure out what needs to be done in order to fix your issue permanently.


Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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