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If your Intex pool lacks a skimmer, it may become dirty due to the lack of a mechanism to remove garbage and other leaves. However, cleaning your pool using a vacuum will simply remove all of this material.

What you need

Pool Vacuum head

The majority of vacuum heads are designed to fit at the end of pool-cleaning poles. However, you should obtain a head that is weighted to guarantee that it floats in the water.



Telescoping Pole

Most of these poles can also be easily connected to hooks, nets, and pool skimmers. Make certain that the pole you purchase reaches the bottom of your Intex pool.


Vacuum Hose

Vacuum hoses connect to most pool systems in the same way as vacuum heads and telescoping poles do. Purchase a hose that will reach your pool.

Manually vacuum your Intex pool

You now have everything you require to vacuum your Intex pool without the use of a skimmer. Take the following steps:

1. Fill the vacuum with air.

To begin, remove all of the air from the system and prime the vacuum. If there are any air pockets in your vacuum, it will lose suction; remove all of the air before vacuuming your pool to ensure that the vacuum remains strong.

To get your vacuum ready, do the following:

Submerge your telescopic pole in your Intex pool with your vacuum head attached. To remove all the air, press the attachment's free end against a jet. You'll observe air bubbles rising to the surface (let all the air come out).

2. Connect to the Pump

The vacuum system works by attaching it to the skimmer intake, which is driven by the pool system's suction. Because your Intex pool does not have a skimmer, the entrance will be free (the skimmer does not need to be removed).

3. Vacuum your swimming pool

Your Intex pool needs to be vacuumed. Move the vacuum head across the pool's surface until it's completely clean. If your vacuum starts to lose power while vacuuming your pool, repeat the first two procedures.

Clean the Equipment

After thoroughly cleaning your Intex pool, detach the vacuum hose from the skimmer's hole and rinse the head and hose to remove any chemicals.

Pool chemicals can easily shorten the life of your equipment, so clean it thoroughly. Then, store these items in the shade to keep the sun from deteriorating them.

Connor ODea
Connor ODea