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Xbox Series X vs PS5: Which is best for you?

by UPSCALED December 12, 2022 5 POPULAR READ

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are the latest gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony, respectively. Both consoles offer a range of features and capabilities, and choosing between them can be a difficult decision for many gamers. In this article, we will compare the Xbox Series X and PS5 in various categories, including exclusive games, performance and technical specifications, design, price, and additional features, to help you decide which console is the best for you.



Xbox Series X and PS5 are two very different-looking systems in terms of design.

As seen in the image above, which depicts both consoles alongside the smaller Xbox Series S, they are unlike anything that has come before.

Xbox and PS5 controller

In terms of appearance, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are vastly unlike systems.

As can be seen in the image above, which depicts both consoles beside the smaller Xbox Series S, they are incredibly unique.

The PS5 is the tallest mass-market video game console ever produced.

It also has a distinctive design, with two faceplates shielding the main console unit between them.

It retains the company's flare for curves (remember the original PS3), but for the first time comes standard in white.

Sony sells faceplates that modify the device's color, but we prefer the basic, uncluttered appearance.

It can be placed vertically or horizontally, however it may be difficult to fit in an average-sized AV cabinet in either configuration.

The PS5 Digital Edition dispenses with the disc drive, so is slightly thinner, but is still as tall.


Microsoft has chosen an almost opposite strategy, since the Xbox Series X is squat and hefty. There are not many curves present here. It looks more like a mini-tower PC than a gaming console, which is essentially what it is.

This time around, heat dissipation is the most important factor in the design of both current-generation devices.

Luckily, the Series X also can also lie flat, not only stand on its end, so you'll have a bit of discretion over how you align it near or under your TV.

Both consoles weigh about the same - the Xbox Series X is 4.44kg, and the PS5 is 4.5kg.

Which style you prefer will come down almost entirely to taste, and while the Xbox Series X is certainly a bit stealthier, both are rather big in reality.

Processing and graphics hardware

Each console is considerably more powerful than its predecessor.

The Xbox Series X has four times the processing power of the Xbox One X.

It features an eight-core Zen 2 CPU operating at 3.8GHz per core.

The PlayStation 5 also has an eight-core Zen 2 CPU, however each core operates at 3.5GHz.

The RAM in both devices is 16GB GDDR6.

They both also utilize RDNA 2 graphics. However, the Xbox Series X has a slight advantage due to its GPU's 12 TFLOPS and 52 compute units.

In comparison, the PS5 is equipped with 36 CUs and 10.3 TFLOPS.

This practically means that Series X has greater potential for developers than PS5.

And this has shown to be the case with select cross-platform games, as the Xbox Series X offers greater resolutions than the PS5 on occasion.

Graphical capabilities

In terms of their basic graphics capabilities, both have comparable characteristics.

Each console supports resolutions of up to 4K (2160p) at 60 frames per second.

They can also output 120fps, which is a possibility for certain games, but only at a resolution of 1440p.

They each enable ray tracing, putting them on par with contemporary PC graphics cards.

It incorporates realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows to excellent advantage.

Additionally, both consoles offer variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM).

These efficiently transmit signals to a compatible television in order to activate the game mode and prevent screen tearing during gameplay (by directly matching the frame rate if it is dynamic).

Storage and Memory

SSD is the way to go for both consoles.

Each has incorporated solid state drive storage technology to accelerate load times.

The Xbox Series X contains a 1TB internal SSD, of which the user has access to around 800GB after system software, etc.

The maximum read speed is 2.4GB/s (or 4.8GB/s uncompressed).

The PS5 has a smaller storage capacity. Its SSD provides 825GB, but only 700GB are accessible to the user.

However, it operates faster, up to 5.5GB/s.

Both have the ability to expand storage capacity via expansion cards.

In the case of Xbox, an official 1TB Storage Expansion Card that slides into a rear-mounted port is available for purchase.

PCIe Gen4 SSD cards from a third party are compatible with the Sony system.

Each system is also capable of playing last-generation games stored on external hard drives and solid-state drives, including Xbox One and PS4 games, respectively.

Cloud gaming

Both systems now offer cloud gaming platforms, while the Xbox's is currently more developed.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides Cloud Gaming.

Over 100 Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games may be played on mobile devices as part of the monthly Game Pass Ultimate subscription program.

The PlayStation 5 provides access to the three tiers of PlayStation Plus that Sony relaunched in 2022, including a variety of cloud streaming titles.

It is not as complete as Xbox's offering and is exclusive to PlayStation consoles and PC applications.


When it comes to the titles available on each platform, the PlayStation 5 edges out the Xbox One; the difference is primarily due to exclusives.

A Call of Duty release or the newest sports game from EA will play nearly identically on both consoles, whereas exclusive titles will play differently.

Sony has exclusives such as God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Returnal, as well as a variety of popular PS4 games that look better than ever on the newest hardware.

This means you have a list of popular classics to read.

Beyond the amazing Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, Xbox is a touch thin, but it makes up for it with Xbox Game Pass and its vast library of engaging games. This makes checking out a range of titles more possible than ever, putting the value vote marginally back with Xbox.

Since PlayStation opened its game library for PlayStation Plus, this has become a little more balanced, but we still believe the PS5 has the upper hand when it comes to exclusive titles in terms of both quality and number.


Probably the most significant factor. Launch prices for the Xbox Series X and PS5 were approximately £450 in the UK and $500 in the US. However, the PS5's pricing has increased to £479 in the United Kingdom.

If you do not require a disc drive, the PS5 Digital Edition is much less expensive.


In conclusion, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are both extremely advanced game consoles with a vast array of capabilities and functions. Both consoles have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and the best system for an individual will depend on his or her specific gaming preferences and requirements. The Xbox Series X boasts exceptional processing power and visual capabilities, in addition to a variety of exclusive titles and features, including backwards compatibility and Xbox Game Pass. The PS5, on the other hand, has unique features like as haptic feedback and 3D audio, as well as a variety of exclusive titles and the choice between digital and physical media.

The best console for you will ultimately depend on your personal priorities and tastes.

Connor ODea
Connor ODea

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