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The Complete Guide to Connecting Wireless Headphones to a Computer

by UPSCALED April 12, 2022 2 POPULAR READ

How Does Wireless Headphone Technology Work and Why Would You Want to Connect Them?

Wireless headphones are a technology that is becoming more and more popular. Wireless headphones offer many advantages over wired headphones, including the ability to move around freely without having to worry about being tangled in wires.

Wireless headphones use bluetooth technology to connect with devices, while wired headphones use a cord that plugs into your device. This article will discuss the advantages of wireless headphone technology and why you might want to purchase wireless headphones for yourself.


Types of Wireless Headphone Connectivity Options

A wireless headphone is a type of headphone that does not have any cords or cables. Wireless headphones can connect to devices using a variety of different connection options.

Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth is the most common wireless connectivity option for wireless headphones. It allows for a range of about 30 feet and has low latency, which makes it the best option for watching videos or gaming.

Micro USB connection: This type of connection is usually found on newer models of headphones and also allows for a range of up to 30 feet with low latency. It can be used with Android devices as well as some newer Apple products such as the iPhone 7 and 7+.

Lightning connection: The lightning connector is typically only found on newer Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs.


How to Connect Wireless Headphones to a Computer

This article will show you how to connect wireless headphones to a computer. The steps are as follows:

1.) Plug the wireless headphone into the computer using a USB cable.

2.) Press and hold the power button on your wireless headphones for 10 seconds.

3.) Press and release the pairing button on your wireless headphone, it should blink blue at this point.

4.) Press and release the pairing button on your computer, it should blink blue at this point too. 5.) Once both have blinked blue, press and hold the power button on your wireless headphone for 10 seconds again until it turns off.

6.) When your computer detects that there is no device connected, it will turn back on automatically with a sound notification to let you know that you're connected.

How To Choose The Best Connection Type For Your Needs

Do you need to connect your computer headphones to your phone, TV, or game console? The best connection type for you depends on what you are using the headphones for.

There are three main types of connections: wired, wireless, and Bluetooth. Wired connections are the most common because they offer the best sound quality and typically have a longer range than other connection types. Wireless connections will work well if you don't need a long range and want to be able to move freely. Bluetooth is a good choice if you want more mobility but don't care about sound quality as much as other factors like battery life.

Connor ODea
Connor ODea